About SKUM

SKUM is an international company with a unique position in the market for foam fire fighting systems.

With more than 75 years of research and product development experience, SKUM has contributed significantly in helping make key manufacturing and process industries safer places to work and operate. You will find our long-term customers in the leading oil and petrochemical industry, logistics, marine and offshore industries around the world.

SKUM was the first company to deliver a semi-subsurface system for storage tank protection and the HotFoam® High Expansion foam system using inside-air continues our reputation for the development new and innovative fire protection product and solutions.

SKUM has its origins in the innovative technologies which created break throughs in foam fire engineering expertise, pioneering several key foam handling and application delivery systems.

By focusing on customer requirements and allying them with our focus on technical performance, SKUM has established a position of considerable reputation within its world wide markets. This capability is proven in the number of patents held by SKUM but even more importantly, through our ongoing business relationships with customers large and small, all over the world.

SKUM is an ISO registered company and is part of Tyco Fire Protection Products.